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Bride starts crying when late grandfather declares couple ‘husband and wife’

Weddings are a great way for family and friends to get together to celebrate a couple’s love for each other.

Sadly, however, sometimes the day can be clouded by the absence of someone special, especially if the person in question has passed away.

And that is exactly what happened at Brittany Yost’s wedding; her grandfather, whom she had hoped would officiate her wedding, sadly passed away in 2016.

However, Brittany’s husband-to-be, Jordan, along with the help of the bride’s sister, found a way to include Rev. Ronald Adkins in the wedding.

According to ABC News, just as guests were asked to bow their heads in prayer, Brittany heard her grandfather’s voice over the speakers, declaring the couple husband and wife.

The recording was from Brittany’s sister’s wedding and listening to it certainly made the bride’s day.

"When I first heard a voice over the speaker, I knew immediately who it was,” Brittany said.

“My heart shattered, but I felt so much joy and happiness through all the tears.

"The emotion and chills that filled my body are indescribable. I was weak to my knees, but I felt his presence.

“A calming came over me and I felt a weight lift off because my dream came true, all thanks to my sister and Jordon."

Brittany’s photographer Sarah Irving captured the moment the bride heard her grandfather’s voice, and it’s one of the most incredible and raw photos we have seen taken by a wedding photographer. 

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