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Bride forced to move her wedding to hospital basement after she goes into LABOUR

They say getting married is one of the most important days of your life, second to the day you become a mum.

This woman, however, got to experience both on the same day – after she went into labour six weeks early. 

When Jael Pulcipher woke up on the morning of her wedding, the last thing she expected was to give birth that very same day.

Baby Briar wanted to get in on all the action and decided to make her grand entrance on her mum's special day!

Talking to Inside Edition about her first reaction, Jael said: "Oh no what are we going to do."

Jael and John were meant to say their vows beside a lake but ended up telling guests that there had been a change of venue before inviting them to the hospital's basement.

Incredible, and fair play to Jael for wanting to carry on with her big day! 

Congratulations to the couple on their nuptials and, of course, their new baby. 

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