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Boy who was told to do homework over Christmas break hilariously trolls teacher

Homework sucks at the best of times.

But giving  a 7-year-old homework over the Christmas break? That's just too cruel. 

Well luckily, Lisa Vale's son, Angus, decided to take a stand when asked to complete homework over the Christmas break. 

Posting on Twitter, Vale explained that Angus left his English homework to the last minute, despite having three weeks to complete it (sounds familiar, am I right?!). 

Irked that the audacity of his teacher who gave him the homework, Angus used the exercise to vent how he really felt. And he certainly didn't hold back! 

Angus was asked to create sentences with the words: over, one, little, can, two, that, out, said, off and three.

We're starting to sense a theme here…

The clever kid then ended with the slogan "Save Trees, Less Homework!" 

Well, we can't fault his logic on that one. 

Luckily, the teacher took Angus's, eh, creativity in good faith: 

Gold stars from us! 


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