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Beach wedding is ruined by rain so stranger offers up her home instead

Dulce Gonzalez experienced every bride's nightmare.

She was set to marry her fiance Ariel, 30, at her dream beach wedding when the mother of all thunderstorms happened.

The 24-year-old bride had planned her big day to take place on the beaches of Pascagoula, Mississippi because that’s where the couple first met.

Even though it was the last week of June, the weather had other plans.

While Dulce and her guests watched the rain pour down from inside their cars, another onlooker had a plan to save the day.

It wa 67-year-old Cynthia Strunk and her husband Shannon, 53.

They have seen lots of weddings take place on the beach, since they had moved in in 1999, yet they had never seen one get rained on before.

Heartbroken by the situation, Cynthia decided to run out to Dulce's car and suggest hosting the wedding in her beach home.

According to The Washington Post, “the bride’s mother started crying at that point and [Dulce] said ‘thank you’ and she had tears in her eyes.''

Overwhelmed by the kind offer, preparations got underway quickly.

Soon, 50 gusts were seated inside the house and the wedding ceremony started.

“They had everything set as if we actually planned it,” Dulce aid. “It was perfect. I told my husband that [the Strunks] were little angels that God sent us.”

The newlyweds and the Strunks have kept in contact since the wedding with Cynthia saying, ''I did tell them that when they have their first baby that I fully expect them to bring the baby to the house and tell them where it all began.''

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