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'Be nature nice': These primary schools are helping the environment in the best way

The Tree Council of Ireland has called on the youths of Ireland to help the environment. With the help of Tetra Park, they are asking primary school students to plant saplings.

On October 4, they are hoping school’s will champion this year’s theme: “Be nature nice! or Bí dóighiúil don dúlra!” by connecting with nature.

Tetra Pak Tree Day gives children, teachers and parents the opportunity to put down the school books, get outdoors and connect directly with nature. The campaign also encourages children to become more environmentally aware. The campaign’s mascot Sammy Squirrel will feature on Avonmore school milk cartons with seven simple messages on how to help the environment.

As part of Tetra Pak Tree Day, up to 1,000 native tree saplings will be made available through the Tree Day website for primary school children to plant on their school grounds.

Each year Tetra Pak Tree Day places a focus on a different native tree. This year the spotlight is on the Guelder-rose, or Caor chon in Irish. The Guelder-rose is a small deciduous tree, sometimes reaching a height of 4 metres, that grows in dampish areas in hedges and small woods. It bears discs of creamy white flowers in early summer, making it excellent for pollinators, and produces bunches of translucent bright red berries in early autumn, which are loved by birds. The Guelder-rose is an important native tree that supports Ireland’s natural habitats and preserves biodiversity.

“We are encouraging primary school teachers throughout Cork to get outside with their students and explore the natural environment. Planting a sapling tree on the school grounds helps children to connect with nature and trees,” said Joseph McConville, President of the Tree Council of Ireland.

Teaching kids about being environmentally friendly is so important and the Tetra Pak Tree Day is the perfect way for them to learn about how to protect the environment.

To find out more about this year’s campaign, watch the Tree Day Video and claim a FREE Guelder-rose tree sapling for your class, visit .

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