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A guide on wedding dress shopping: The Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding dress shopping can be exciting yet daunting for a first-time bride. It’s understandable when you want to search for the perfect gown, but you need to stay level-headed and keep your frustrations to a minimum.

Choosing a wedding dress isn’t as simple as picking out an everyday outfit, so it requires a lot of preplanning and thought.

That’s why we have put together this quick guide on wedding dress shopping do’s and don’ts. We’ve also separated them into categories, before the day plans, and on the day tips.

Before the Day

Think about the style you like

Going into a bridal boutique with no idea of the style or design of dress you want is simply not the best idea.

Take a look online (even if it’s super quick) to see the styles you think you love. It may be that you want to opt for a shorter dress than traditional, or you could want an extra-long train.

The style of your dress should exaggerate your personality.

Keep in mind your body type

Certain dresses will surely suit your body type better than others. Do you have a dress you absolutely love to wear on nights out? Analyse the style of this and see if there are any similar fitting wedding gowns.

Your body type needs to be flattered in the dress so keep it in mind even when you’re researching styles.

If you’re confident of your body, just go with a mermaid wedding dress. If you’re a little bigger, then don’t worry as there are plenty of beautiful plus size wedding dresses out there for you to choose from.

Search bridal collections

Many fashion boutiques and websites will have a bridal collection to browse. This will give you an idea of what’s popular and therefore may eventually narrow don’t your choices more. Bridal collections are a great way to see what other brides are loving too.

Book appointments if necessary

Smaller bridal boutiques may have a limited number of fitting rooms so you may want to book appointments that you can go to in order to try the dresses on.

This may seem annoying now, but it will be worth it all when you can walk into the boutique stress-free.

On the Day

Wear comfortable clothes

Depending on how many stores you’re going to be shopping in, and how many dresses you like, it may be that you are taking your clothes off an on again many times.

Wearing comfortable clothes (such as a t-shirt and leggings) will mean you won’t get upset having to undress all day. Trust us when we say it will make everything better.


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Take heeled shoes

Some bridal stores may have heels to try on with your dress but if you’re shopping anywhere more on the budget end, then they may not.

Take a pair of heeled shoes of the height you intend to wear on your wedding day so you can put them on when you’re wearing the potential dress; this will give a more realistic feel of how it will look on the day.

Don’t get discouraged

You may not find the dress of your dreams straight away or even on the day you wish, but don’t be discouraged.

There is plenty of time to find the perfect dress and not finding the right one when you’re shopping for it can be confusing and stressful, but it shouldn’t discourage you from trying on even more.

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