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A boy forget his teddy bear at a hotel so they did THIS for him

Many of us have been there.

A child misplaces their favourite toy and all hell breaks loose.

Anna Pickard, Creative Director of voice, tone and words at Slack, took to social media to express the frustration that all parents feel when one of their kids loses a toy.

In this case, her son Doozer had left behind his teddy bear at a hotel they had been staying at.

She had emailed the hotel looking for Sutro, the bear.

She wrote, ''I had emailed the hotel last night. Is there a white bear there, I asked? Very friendly, answers to Sutro? He has a new friend, a seal, that he had made during the trip. They'd probably be together if they could be found. We weren't hopeful tho. Big hotel and that.''

And luckily, Sutro was there…and he was definitely enjoying himself.

The hotel staff had taken Sutro for a walk, to the pool and even rented a cabana.

After all of that, the staff even took the time to check him out.

Anna wrote, ''SO thank you to Julien at @GrandHyattKauai, and his colleagues who are, apparently, just all-round lovely people who legit made me (and several dozen colleagues) cry today. Now I'm going to go and print these out and drip feed them to Doozer until Sutro lands.''

People were delighted at this story and posted their similar experiences.

One said, ''We had a similar experience nearly 20 yrs ago when then toddler son left Jasper the teddy in a hotel in Whistler. Before the days of phone cameras, of course, but we got postcards of his adventures until he made it home.''

While another wrote, ''We had a similar exp. when Teddy was left behind in Paris. Traumatic and my daughter was upset too. But he had been found already and posted back to NZ with a lovely note – if not the deluxe treatment Sutro & fren got. I suppose it happens a lot but it’s just lovely anyway.''

It is such a feel-good story – we're so happy that Doozer and Sutro were reunited. 

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