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99-year-old granny tells burglar to 'knock it off'- and he does

This is one bad ass granny. 

99-year-old Doris Rucker Wasden, from Utah, was sleeping when a man broke into her house and pulled her out of bed. 

Wasden lives with her granddaughter, CJ Montoya, and her fiancee, Jim Gabbard . The pair were awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of a large bang downstairs. 

It was 18-year-old Freddy Velasquez, who had broken into their house by shooting at a sliding glass door. He had been involved in a shooting and fled on foot from the police. 

Jim rushed down the stairs only to be confronted by a gun. 

"He said, 'give me your car keys or I'm going to kill you,'" Gabbard told local media. 

Gabbard and Montoya ran towards the door, where they were grabbed by police. The police kept them from going back for their granny. 

As for Wasden, she was pulled out of bed by the intruder. 

“He was just scared I guess, and he grabbed me by my hands, and then I just sit on the floor on my bum so I didn't get hurt," Wasden recounted.

"And I just got back in bed and he come in again and then he started to talk to me. And I said ‘I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.’ And then he realised I was a very old woman, so he was pretty nice to me after that."

As he began rifling through draws.  Wasden wasn't having any of it. She was planning her 100th birthday the following week and just gotten the house cleaned, no way was anyone getting in the way of that! 

 "I just had this house cleaned for my party and you are messing it up. You better knock it off." she apparently told him. Clearly you get sassier with age. 

After that Velasquez sat on the edge of her bed while Wasden talked to him. He would often leave the room, but returned to check on her. 

"My brother said I saved my life just by doing that," she said. "Saved his life."

After two hours,Velasquez released Wasden. Apart from some bruising she was in good health. 

He was arrested two hours later, when the standoff was ended peacefully. 

The family don't hold any resentment against the home invader. 

"He made a mistake and we don't hold resentment, and we just hope that he gets some help and hope that his family is okay." Gabbard concluded. 

As for Wasden, she's still going ahead with her 100th birthday party. 

She is our idol. 


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