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94-year-old meets 'guardian angel' who pulled her from a sinking car

94-year-old Alice Modine is still and independent lady. She drives everywhere where she lives in Florida. 

Last week, she was driving along when she got caught in a heavy rainstorm. Pulling over, her Toyota started to slowly sink into the lake. 

Pictures posted on a local community Facebook group show just how close Alice came to death. 

"I thought to myself, well this happened before to other people. I may just stay in this car forever, I've lived a good life, I've had a very happy life until now, it may just be the end of it."

Then her guardian angel appeared, in the form of a "handsome young man". After pulling Alice from the car, he even went back to retrieve her purse. 

After a television appearance and a social media appeal, Alice's kind saviour, Fabio Franca, was finally tracked down. 

"You were the guardian angel that looks out for me," Modine told Franca as the two sat in Modine's living room. "'Helping' is an understatement."

Driving along with his two sons, Fabio said that he knew that there was something wrong when he saw Alice's car slid down the slope. 

"I'm familiar with that area so I thought 'There's nothing there but a lake,'" he recalled. "The reason I went back was because I was like 'Man, that could be my grandma.'" 

Fabio and his 17-year-old son ran to the car, he managed to get the car open while his son called 911. His younger son stayed in his car. 

Alice hadn't had a chance to properly thank Fabio for help, as he left as soon as paramedics arrived. 

"You were the guardian angel that looks out for me," Alice told Fabio, meeting in front of local news teams. "'Helping' is an understatement."

Fabio continued to say that it was extremely lucky that he was there when Alice's car slipped into the lake, he had been running late after dropping his third son off at an appointment. 

"Sometimes things happen for a reason," he concluded.

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