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8 EXCUSES we've all used when helping our child with Irish

If you're anything like us, it has been a good 15 or 20 years since you last spoke a word of Irish (and even longer since you understood it).  

So when it comes to helping the kids with their Irish homework, well, that's when we start sweating out of every orifice possible.

With questions like… "should I say bhí or tá here?" and "what's the Irish for dog" being thrown from all angles, it's no surprise our minds just start going in to excuse overdrive…

Kind of like THESE eight…

1. "This is a first – I never learned this word"

You did. You just can't remember what it means (and you sure as hell are not letting your child see your weakness).

2. "We were taught to pronounce it a different way"

Typically used after your child corrects your pronunciation for the fifth time that evening…

3. "Sure, I haven't done Irish in 20 years"

Hey, we hear ya – you're just telling it like it is.

4. "Ask your dad – it's time to put the dinner on"

Generally used when you haven't a CLUE what they even need to do.

5. "I'm too tired to think"

After you INSISTED that Irish for cow is 'cow'… (it's bó by the way).

6. "I'm not your teacher"

Because if you were you would know the answer to their question…

7. "I was using the Connacht dialect"

Even though you're Dublin born and bred. 

8. "Your writing is too messy, I can't understand a word of it"

Yeah, you CAN'T understand it… but it has NOTHING to do with your child's writing. 


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