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6 clever things to do with unwanted Christmas presents

While we’re grateful for everything we get, sometimes we just don’t need certain things – and rather than let them clutter the house and gather dust, there are things we can do to put them to good use.

Give to a charity shop

An obvious one, but if we feel guilty about giving unwanted presents away, just tell yourself, “I’m doing a good thing for charity”. That should make you feel better!

Sell it online

There are numerous places you can sell the things you don’t want like Ebay, and Buy and Sell so get snapping and uploading!

Give it away on FreeTrade Ireland

FreeTrade Ireland is a super handy service that lets you get rid of clutter by advertising it on their site. A user who wants your item will then get in touch with you and collect it from your door.

Repurpose them

Yep, that’s just a nice way of saying give them to someone else. But why not? Rather than waste perfectly good presents (and your money) give them as gifts for birthdays or even keep for next Christmas. Just make sure you remember who gave you what!

Return them

Not easy if you don’t have a gift receipt, but if the tags are still on the items the shops might let you exchange them for something else.

Have a swap party

January is a great time for a swap party as people full of the ‘new year new me’ promises will be having a clear out. Organise an evening with friends over a few nibbles and some wine (sorry we mean green smoothies of course) and who knows what treasures you’ll come across!

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