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Irish 'recycle' service offers house and baby items for FREE

Of course we’re all aware of the costs associated with a growing family – from baby seats to prams, cots to children’s beds, it’s easy to become stretched.

And then of course within a few years we’re trying to get rid of the things we spent so much money on!

FreeTrade Ireland, an online free reuse portal from the EPA just might be the answer for cash-strapped parents, as well as those who want to pay it forward and pass the things they don’t need anymore onto someone that does.

Packed with free furniture and household appliances as well as more specialised baby and toddler items, the online service can be a godsend for parents who can’t afford much-needed items or those who want to declutter.

So how does it work? It’s easy peasy! Just scour FreeTrade Ireland for the things you need OR if you want to give something away just list it with a description and photos – like you would an ad.

And brilliantly it's free of charge.

Then a user (that would be you!) can get in touch and arrange to collect the item(s) at a time that suits both parties. It’s a beneficial situation for everyone involved – and for the environment. 

And incredibly this year marks the 100,000th item reused through Free Trade Ireland. Good work guys!

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