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11-year-old girl gets open invite to become a journalist for the day

New York Times reporter Liam Stack recently took to Twitter to share a different kind of news. 

He wrote that his cousin's 11-year-old daughter had secretly downloaded The Washington Post  and had been an avid reader fo the newspaper for two years. 

 To make the girl even more impressive (as if that was possible) she wants to study journalism when she grows up and, you guessed it, work for The Washington Post. 

Stack continued to say that he was about the same age when he began to take an interest in reading newspapers and following current affairs.

Twitter users, as are we, are loving this girls ambitions: 

What made it even better, is that The Washington Post themselves even replied to Stack's tweet, inviting the girl to become a journalist for a day: 

"We're all very excited to work with her one day," they concluded. 

This girl is going places!  

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