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You're not THAT tired: get more energy... to have sex

Being a mum is exhausting, so it's hardly surprising that by the time we do get to bed all we want to do is sleep.

Not read, or chat or have sex. Just sleep.

But that is clearly not going to help our relationship with our other half, is it?

So, to help you make the most of bedtime, why not give the follow tips a go during the day?

Trust us, you'll be in the mood for anything once you beat the exhaustion.  

1. Ditch the carbohydrates (at least for a bit)

Carbohydrates can make us feel tired and fatigued, and definitely not in the mood for sex.  

2. Go downward dog (in yoga terms)

Yoga is a great way to help you beat feelings of fatigue, so sign up to a class and get on top of your mediation and exercises.

3. Up your water intake

Your feelings of exhaustion may be down to the fact that you are dehydrated, so up your water intake. Try to enjoy at least two litres of the good stuff a day.

4. Sniff on some peppermint 

Getting a whiff of the minty stuff has been found to help you fight tiredness – although scientists are not actually sure why…  

5. Squeeze in a daily 15-minute workout 

It might sound odd, but a quick power walk around the block will help INCREASE your energy levels -so get those runners on. 

6. Skip the stress (or at least try)

Stress USES up your energy s it's time to rid it from your life. Try some breathing exercises, take up yoga or even listen to music to lower your stress levels.

7. Say goodbye to your coffee

While you'd be forgiven for assuming drinking coffee would actually help wih your energy levels, the Royal College of Psychiatrists actually recommends we cut it out if we're feeling tired. 

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