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Your kids will ADORE these 10 hilarious Elf on the Shelf positions

It's all well and good on December 1 when you start your Elf on the Shelf journey. Christmas spirits are raised and the kids beam with excitement as the little elf moves from place to place- pure magic! However, the week before Christmas, things begin to slow down. There are only so many creative places you can think of and you're running out!

Do not despair, we have a list of the top 10 simple Elf on the Shelf positions that will get your little ones giggling.

1. Dad's Back

Or anyone's back really, even try the dog. Tape or pin the Elf to dad and have him walk around looking for the Elf as the kids fall around in hysterics.

2. The Loo

Not in the loo (obviously) but sitting on the toilet edge of the toilet seat. The kids will absolutely love this one if they are at the age where all things bathroom makes them laugh.


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3. Mum's Makeup Bag

Tell your kids, to pass you your mascara they'll stumble upon the sneaky elf trying to doll himself up for a Christmas night out.

4. The Sleeve of Your Kid's Jacket

This elf has a personality! He's trying his best to sneak to school for the Christmas party at the end of the week.

5. Wearing Shoes

One little foot in each shoe by the door is a great way to get spirits up on the way out.

6. In the Cereal Box

Pour the bowl in front of them and he'll tumble out into it- priceless!

7. Covered in Toilet Paper

Elf has been messing with a toilet roll and it's EVERYWHERE. He's even managed to roll it down the stairs!

8. Head first in a bag of sweets

With his little legs sticking out, he decided to have a midnight feast and fell asleep

9. Shaving foam surprise!

Leave him at the loo mirror with shaving foam on his face and hands and write a little message to your little ones!

10: Toasting Marshmallows

Anyone fancy a smore? It's campfire time


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Any last minute ideas, mums and dads?

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