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Frenemies? What to do if you DON'T like your child's friend's parents

It should be so simple: your little one and their little one are pretty much inseparable.

They're in the same class; they play; they laugh; they're all but attached at the hip.

Still, your child's infantile friendships with their peers is absolutely zero indicator of how you and the other parent in this union will ultimately see eye-to-eye.

In fact, there are time when you just really don't like your child's friend's mum or dad.

Here's what to do about it:

1) Ask what it is you actually don't like

It's probably something pretty superficial – an annoying habit, maybe, or a turn of phrase. To that we say – let's keep things in perspective. They don't have to be your BFF, but turning a blind eye to their little quirks would do you a world of good. 

2) Plan your escape

If you know that lots of one-on-one interaction is just going to piss you off – organise collections/drop-offs/the school run in a way that minimises your interaction with the parent in question.

3) Talk about the children only

Gushing small talk that involves your respective offspring – and nothing else – should be manageable for both of you.

4) Make your excuses

If the other parent seems particularly keen to foster a relationship beyond the playground or schoolyard, meet their requests with a polite but firm: 'I'd really love to but I'm so busy – hopefully another time.' They'll get the message… eventually. 

5) Spell out the rules

If you don't want your child to drink cola, for example, spell this out clearly for your fellow mum or dad. They can't be blamed for your simmering resentment if they're not actually aware of the household rules your child lives under.

6) Just get over it

After all, it's not about you – it's about your kid and their kid. So build a bridge.

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