You’ll never guess what happened when a mum-to-be text her husband while he was with his friends

Embarrassing much?

One mum-to-be has taken to Reddit’s ‘Baby Bumps’ forum to share her awkward pregnancy story.

HurricaneMaanen’s husband had gone away for the day with friends for a game.

Knowing that he was on his way home she texts her husband, you know those regular everyday chats about the couple’s dogs.

They exchanged a couple of messages back and forth, as you do.

And because you’re a married couple who are expecting a baby, it gives you licence to respond to messages with complete honesty, such as when you are experiencing trapped wind, right?

The mum-to-be text her partner: “My farts are insane today. And they're trapped under a blanket.”

But her response was NOT what she was expecting!

“Hey, it's (husbands friend). We're on our way back.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I'm mortified. from BabyBumps

We’re dying, and we’re pretty sure HurricaneMaanen is too, adding:

“I'm gonna go hide until this baby comes out.”

Do you any awkward pregnancy posts?

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