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You'll never guess what adorable animal this donkey fell in love with

We can't help who we fall in love with and it seems that the same goes for animals.

An emu and a donkey have found love and cannot be separated.

The pair, Jack and Diane, were rescued earlier this week from what appeared to be an abandoned farm.

The couple found safety in the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wildlife sanctuary.

The wildlife centre introduced the lovebirds with the sweetest picture on Facebook.

Along with a picture of the pair, they wrote: "We are excited to introduce Jack and Diane. A story where two creatures with different looks, backgrounds and even breeds learn to stand together, protect each other and love."

Staff at the sanctuary quickly realised the close bond the emu and donkey had.

Once they were separated, they showed immediate signs of distress, leading to the pair being permanently reunited.

Jennifer Gordon, from the sanctuary, told the Charlotte Observer: “They like to cuddle and even sleep together. We can’t separate them, so we need someone who is willing to adopt both a donkey and an emu. That may not be easy.”

Given the unusual bond between the animals, their story quickly found favour with the people of the Internet and their love affair went viral.

The wildlife organisation gave an update on Jack and Diane and it seems that the donkey is very protective over his emu girlfriend.

Jack attacked another donkey who got too close to Diane and she also refused to socialise with other emus. 

In fact, the sanctuary reported that the pair do not get along with other donkeys and emus, and they will need to be adopted together. 

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