You will LOVE these 10 baby names that are inspired by funny women

If you're a fan of comedians and would like to bestow a moniker paying homage to them on your baby, then you're in luck.

We have compiled a list of baby names inspired by funny women that we love.

What better start in life to give our child then a name with happy connotations?

1. Lily

Obviously meaning lily, the flower, this name is pretty and taken from hilarious woman and actor Lily Tomlin.

It also ahs links​​​ “purity” and “innocence.”

2. Iliza 

With Scottish and Hebrew roots, it means “great happiness.”

Inspired by comedian Iliza Shlesinger.

3. Gilda

An English name that means “covered in gold.”

Inspired by comedian Gilda Radner. 

4. Arden

This one has Celtic origins, from the word “ardu,” meaning “high land” used to describe forests.

Inspired by comedian Arden Myrin and actor Eve Arden. 

5. Leslie

This moniker has Scottish and Gaelic roots, and means “garden” and “holly tree.” 

Inspired by actors Leslie Caron, Leslie Mann and let's not forget fictional (and extremely funny) Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.  

6. Kristen

The Danish version of the name Christine means “a Christian.”

Inspired by comedian and actor Kristen Wiig. 

7. Maya

There are a few meanings for this name, like Hindu for “illusion,” Hebrew for “spring” or “brook,” and Persian for “generous.”

Inspired by actor Maya Rudolph. 

8. Mindy

A cute name, maybe a diminutive of Melinda, which is a mash-up of Melanie and Linda.

Inspired by comedian, actor and writer Mindy Kaling. 

9. Wanda

This is a Slavic name meaning “wanderer.''

Inspired by comedian Wanda Sykes.  

10. Ellen

This is an English variation of the Greek name Helen, which means meaning “shining light.” 

Inspired by television presenter and comedian Ellen DeGeneres. 

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