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Writer Sarah Crossan reaches out on Twitter after niece Lola is bullied

It's a situation many of us are far too familiar with.

Bullying is something that can happen at any stage of life – be it school, at work, with friends.

But when you see your child experience the isolation and mean words of others, it is a hard thing to go through.

Irish writer Sarah Crossan found herself in this situation when her niece Lola encountered some unkind kids at school.

The 37-year-old took to social media to tell her story – and ask for much-needed words of kindness and support for her 11-year-old.

She wrote, ''Hey Lovely Twitter People – my beautiful 11 yr old niece Lola is having a hard time at school with bullies including an attempt to sabotage her book club (I KNOW!). Any messages of love (which I’ll print and share with her for Xmas) would be amazing.''

And the response she got was amazing. 

One said, ''Dear Lola, Rise above the bullies, don't give them the reaction they are looking for, and crush them with kindness. Continue to be amazing and never be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Always be yourself and you will always shine above the rest – stay fabulous !!''

While another wrote, ''Lola – I was picked on at school because I was small & loved books & was bad at sport. Sometimes I was scared, sometimes I was angry. But as I got older I realised I was just as good & as strong & as important as anyone else & I wish I had realised sooner. I hope you do too.''

A third added, ''Hey Lola! I got bullied a lot at school too.. (only the best people get bullied!) always remember they only do it because they are very insecure inside. And they don’t understand kindness. Smile at them.. don’t let their silly words get you down. Lots of love and merry Xmas!''

This is what real Christmas spirit looks like – we hope Santa brings Lola all that she wants and that 2019 is a great year for her. 

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