Wow! This mum has Facebook to thank for the safe arrival of her daughter

We’ve all posted on our Facebook accounts complaining of the weather, the unending football game or a simple post about how annoyed we are at life, just hoping someone will share in your misery.

But has it got you anywhere? Not usually. 

But for one Louisiana mother it led to the safe arrival of her daughter!

Christina DePino turned to Facebook to vent about her itchy frustration not knowing what was about to unfold.

Opening up about the constant itching she was experiencing, Christina was surprised when friends and family told her get checked out.

And she didn't take much notice until her sister-in-law, a nurse, told her she could have symptoms of Cholestasis.

Christina told Inside Edition, the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet would be itchy, becoming worse at night.

“The fact it was such an intense itch and it wasn’t in the normal areas, that was kind of odd to me.”

Within a week of presenting herself at the doctor’s surgery, Christina gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 37 weeks.

Cholestasis of pregnancy can cause your baby to be stillborn after 37 weeks of pregnancy, something which many expectant mothers would not be aware of.

Christina credits her friend’s comments on her Facebook post as the reason she is now the proud mother of a healthy baby girl.

"Thanks to a little Facebook complaining and the urging of Jennifer, Britney and Monica, I got the itch checked out and found out I had pregnancy Cholestasis,” she wrote.

We'll take this story as a permanent reminder there's nothing wrong with a little complaining every now and then!

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