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World Book Day is almost here: THESE are our top 3 children's book choices

Ireland's World Book Day is fast approaching; Thursday March 7 brings more literary delight for kids who adore reading, and we've got our top three books ready to go. 

For 22 years, the event has become firmly established as Ireland’s largest annual festival promoting the love of books, and it's showing no sign of slowing down.

The Irish World Book Day book for 2019 has officially been announced as Sam Hannigan's Rockstar Granny, by Alan Nolan, and it's an absolute delight to read.

Samantha Hannigan and her eccentric Nanny Gigg return for yet another wonderful tale featuring her brother, Bruno, and more animals than you can count.

In the newest addition to the series, Sam and her best friend Ajay set out on a brand new exciting escapade: The Roaming Scones concert.

Little do they know, Bruno has only gone and nobbled their pet budgie, Sindy, with one of their granddad's crackpot inventions: the ENORMA-GRO 3000.

Yet another brilliant tale of pets, buds and rock 'n' roll from Irish author Alan Nolan, we're dying to find out if the kids will catch the bird before she destroys the house.

Sam Hannigan's Rockstar Granny is published by O'Brien.

Scavenger Hunt: Cass and the Bubble Street Gang (book four) by Erika McGann (O'Brien)


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Cass and her best pals Lex and Nicholas are the Bubble Street Gang, ready to investigate crimes, solve mysteries and embark on illuminating adventures. They have the clubhouse to prove it- they mean business.

This time around, Erika McGann's characters are off on a scavenger hunt on the grounds of Mr McCall's mansion, with clues to solve and other beats to defeat.

Cass is hugely confident that her team will gain the victory, but someone sneaky isn't so sure about that…

In other plot-lines, things are going missing, a garden project turns shady and there's a thief on the loose; but will Cass and the Bubble Street Gang catch them?

Erika lives in her own secret clubhouse in Dublin, publishing and illustrating with the O'Brien Press. We highly recommend her other children's books; The Diary Detective, Making Millions and The Clubhouse Mystery. 

Sam Hannigan and the Last Dodo by Alan Nolan (O'Brien)


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Author and illustrator Alan Nolan has been delighting his young readers for years. Living in Bray, the Irish writer has created numerous books and comics for kids and grown-ups like, including the Conor's Caveman, the Murder Can Be Fatal and Fintan's Fifteen series.

Now, he's back with his newest bird-brained adventure with animal lover Samantha Hannigan, the protagonist character who lives with her granny in Clobberstown.

Nanny Nigg and Sam's brother, Bruno, as well as a host of furry and feathered friends are brought on a journey when a mysterious package arrives on their doorstep.

Much to their surprise, Sam and her best pal Ajay discover a real-life dodo bird inside, long considered extinct. Their new job is to protect the bird from ruthless, exotic animal smugglers. 


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Those are the top three chosen books by MummyPages, we hope both you and your children enjoy them.

World Book Day truly is a magical time of the literary calendar; the power of reading should never be underestimated.

These adventurous and imaginative tales will definitely give your kids some excitement, we can guarantee it.

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