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Workers are baffled when they see footprints in the wet concrete... but then it clicks

Well this was unexpected! 

Workers from Porter Concrete Construction were laying concrete in the basement of a house, when they spotted a trail of footprints. 

They were used to seeing cat and dog marks but these definitely did not come from an animal of any sort.

Rather they came from two-year-old Izzadora Millaway, who went downstairs looking for her mum and dad.

Owner of the construction company Jonathan Porter shared the aftermath on his Facebook page, writing: "Best concrete comedy. Normally we see cats and dogs run or walk in concrete… but not this time.”

“This little girl was trying to go see her mum and dad, so she came from upstairs to the basement to find them.”

Thankfully, little Izzadora was fine and the workers washed her legs soon after so she didn't suffer from any burns. 

And while the company did fill in the holes, they left a few as a memento, even allowing the tot's younger brother put his mark on the floor as well. 

We love this so much – what a great memory to have. 

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