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'Work through it and let it go': this dad's unique approach to his daughter's tantrum has us melting

Father-of-two, Randy Gaines from Ohio, recently made hearts everywhere melt with his astonishing parenting. 

His wife, who chose to remain anonymous, posted a video to Love What Matters, showing Gaines explaining to his daughter how to deal with anger. 

"You don't always have to be happy," he says. "You don't always have to be silly or funny. You don't have to be anything. But whenever you're feeling angry you gotta accept it, acknowledge it, honour it and let it go" 

"You're still loved and you're still safe. It's okay to feel this way. You can be mad at me, you can be mad at Mummy, mad at your sister or you can be mad at yourself. Just don't hang on to it too long cause that's when it becomes a big problem. Work through it and let it go." 

His daughter became angry at him when he jokingly called her name that she didn't like. As well as teaching her how to control anger, he also apologises in the best way: 

"It's important to talk about it so I know that's your boundary. I respect that and I won't push past it but you've got to talk about it. Sometimes it's okay to joke and sometimes it isn't. But I respect you and I respect your feelings. Because if I don't know better than I can't do better." 

In her post, his wife explains why raising their children in an emotionally healthy environment is important to them: 

"I fell in love with him before we had our girls, but moments like this make me fall even more in love with him… No yelling. No screaming.Talking. Discussing emotions and why we have such feelings. HEALTHY outlets (walking, running, punching a pillow, etc)…Getting down to the root of the problem. Setting boundaries, because feelings were upset. RESPECTING boundaries, to ensure it doesn't occur again."  

She then goes on to say that they are parenting in a way "which neither of us had growing up":

"Listening ears as little ones speak. Knowing you are still loved no matter what. Knowing you are enough, always…Our goals as parents are to ensure they do not endure what we did as children." 

Gaines's advice to his daughter was approved by viewers: 

What a fantastic father, his girls are so lucky to be raised by him. 

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