Woman sends her fiancee a game of scrabble in the post... and he starts to cry

Bianca's big day was approaching fast, she had three months to go until the day she married her best friend. 

But for the meantime he was away on duty, 2K miles away to be exact, and she hasn't seen her fiancee in five weeks. 

However, she had some very important news to share with her soon-to-be husband before the big day. 

So she got creative; sending him a parcel containing a game, Bianca requests that Officer Blanco follows the instructions she has clearly printed. 

The game is called 'Wedding Engagement Game' and sees the inside of the lid decorated into a Scrabble board. 

Blanco makes a joke that he can't spell before beginning to piece the words together.

The first sentence was 'we got _____ in July', which meant the couple had got engaged in July. 

The second sentence; 'we are getting ________ in April, with the missing word being 'married'. 

But the final sentence was 'and our ____ ______ is October'…

But Blanco is staring blankly at the board, confused as to what this could possibly mean, but have you guessed yet?

The missing word is: 'due date'.

The couple are expecting their first baby and Blanco's expression when he finally figures it out is beautiful.

We think we're crying just as much as he is right now. 

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