Woman gives birth to 'one in a million' identical triplets

A new mum has welcomed identical triplets at The Rotunda Hospital. Annmarie Byrne-Ryan gave birth to her ‘one in a million’ baby boys on New Year’s Day.

Minister for Health Simon Harris congratulated the new parents on the arrival of their sons.

He tweeted: “Wow! Congrats to Annmarie and David and to all the staff at the @RotundaHospital – one in a million chance – 3 identical triplets!”

“That’s going to be one busy home! Every good wish to the family & congrats and thanks to the brilliant midwives and doctors,” he added.

Speaking to Morning Ireland about the birth of her three boys, new mum Annmarie said that she has yet to see all three of her boys together.

“I’ve yet to see the three together. David’s been up and down, back and forward to the NICU ward taking loads of pictures, keeping me updated. So I’m anxious myself to get down to see them,” she shared.

The mum-of-three revealed that she was stunned when she discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Annmarie and her husband David had just been on their honeymoon to Dubrovnik when she discovered their family was about to get a lot bigger.

She said: “It wasn’t planned. We got married at the end of April and went on honeymoon to Dubrovnik in May, and where most people come back with fridge magnets, myself and David brought home triplets.”

Life with triplets is going to be pretty crazy for the new parents, but luckily they have plenty of support from friends and family.

Huge congratulations to Annmarie and her husband David on the safe arrival of their three sons.

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