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Woman breaks down in airport when she realises what her husband did

Surprises bring out all kind of emotions, and for us we normally end up in a heap on the floor, delighted someone took the time to think of us. 

Sometimes though, it often makes us tell little white lies or act like we never in a million years knew we were going to be surprised. 

But when someone actually pulls the deed off, you can be guaranteed you'll be an emotional wreck. 

And that's what happened to poor Kate Pipe. 

Kate's husband planned a date night for the couple – but Kate was expecting dinner or a trip to the cinema, she had no idea what was really going on behind the scenes. 

The couple are parents to triplets, who were conceived following years of treatment, her husband telling Love What Matters: "My wife Kate is an inspiration to me… We were having a lot of trouble getting pregnant."

"We suffered through a couple of rough patches, losing two pregnancies and throughout the entire process, she was positive and never complained. She'd get up at 5am and drive 90 minutes each way to a clinic in downtown Toronto, get blood drawn, do testing and be back at work before 9am."

Kate finally became pregnant, devoting all her time to give her babies the best chance possible, and now her husband wants to show her his appreciation. 

"She really deserves way more than a trip to Disney World, but we both love it there (lots of great memories for us, we were there at the end of our honeymoon) and I really thought she needed to get away," he revealed. 

Contacting her boss, Kate's husband re-arranged her work schedule to make sure she could take the time off and over 15 of her friends and co-workers chipped in to help the surprise play out. 

Driving for date night, the couple ended up standing in the airport, with Kate being reduced to tears at the prospect of going to Disney World in the Sunshine State of Florida. 

"It was the first break we had in over two years where we could get a full night's sleep, an amazing trip, a very well-deserved getaway for her and a nice time for us to recharge a little after the initial craziness that is newborn triplets."

Kate is obviously overwhelmed as she can't contain her excitement, wanting to make sure she has enough nice outfits for Disney, while the tears flow down her face. 

Now this is a surprise and a half – ladies, a gentle reminder for your other halves? 

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