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Wife finds the perfect way to hide her chocolate... and we are totally going to steal her idea

One very clever wife has just come up with the most genius idea EVER.

She has found the perfect place to hide her coveted chocolate stash.

GillTAzell uploaded the snap to Imgur, showing how his wife hides her stash from the boys in the office.

My wife found a way to hide her candy from the guys at work.

The first image shows a tampon box sitting on an office desk. 

And the second, well it depicts what's actually inside the box – Milky Ways. 

There are no tampons to be seen people, it is filled to the brim with chocolate treats, and we are totally on board with it.

The men have clearly taken one Milky Way too many if this is what she has resorted to, but it is absolute GENIUS.

We bet there won’t be too many boys searching through that package.

We cannot wait to get home now, operation 'keep our chocolate safe' is about to begin!

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