What a belter! 'You nursed me all night long' SLAYS critics

On the other side of being a constant food supply to your demanding infant, breastfeeding mothers ARE human too.

Breastfeeding is beneficial to both mother and baby, but it's not a glamorous task. As any new mother will know it is exhausting and sometimes painful.

Comedic mummy blogging group MYLF (Mothers You’d Like to Friend) decided to take the piss out of pre-conceived notions by putting together a satirical rendition of AC/DC’s hit "You Shook Me All Night Long”.

The opening lines to the song, “She was a milk machine, she kept the house unclean, she was the cutest damn baby, that I'd ever seen,” do just that.

The hilarious hit Nurse Me was launched during Breastfeeding week last August.

Masha Sapron, founder of MYLF, and mother-of-three said she started the group to support new mums and make them feel less alone.

Saphron told TODAY Parents, "Latch problems, milk supply problems — it's actually not that easy for many new moms when they first bring their babies home."

"There are so many mysteries surrounding breastfeeding and it can be so hard… It's invaluable to have women openly talking about it and supporting each other through that."

Laughter is really the best medicine according to the group, and by making light of the challenges facing new mothers they would in turn feel less isolated.

You can’t help but laugh at the hilarious lyrics, “Cause the milk starts makin', baby starts wakin', my nipples start achin', you start taking it”

“And you, nursed me all night long. Yeah, you, nursed me all night long. (I can't get no sleep!)”

The parody shows the world breastfeeding mothers are more than just lactating “cows” and is trying to dispel archaic notions of women’s roles.

Speaking to Today news, Saphron said: "Women can be funny and sexy and be themselves — even while they are lactating. We have many, many sides, and one of them is being a mommy."

The group are hoping to “desensitize” people towards breastfeeding in public, saying women shouldn’t have “wear a shawl of shame”.



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