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'We're blessed': Little girl saved from being abducted by her dog

There is nothing scarier than being aware that you're in a dangerous situation and not knowing what's going to happen next. 

This is the scenario that an eleven-year-old girl from Pasadena, California, found herself in. 

Bianca Hernandez said that her younger sister when she was out walking their beagle mix, Ray, she noticed a man observing her strangely.  

She said, "the driver actually catches up on to her, gets out of the vehicle and grabs her. He grabbed her by the arm and said, 'Come on'."

The young girl was resisting the man but was losing the struggle. 

The 11-year-old girl said that her dog then went and attacked the man who was attempting to kidnap her.

Thankfully, this gave her the chance to escape and run home.

"The dog was like 'uh-uh, this is not any regular person' so yeah he went for a bite in the leg and that was the only way for her to free herself," Bianca said.

The fact that she could get away to safety is all down to her 15-pound puppy. 

She and the 2-year-old mongrel Ray survived the attempted abduction without physical injuries.

Bianca has revealed how relieved the family is.

"We're blessed that she's okay," she said.

Go, Ray!

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