Big Kids

We totally relate to this hilarious post about sibling fights

Mum-of-three, Sarah Turner, is all of us. 

We've all been there while the kids fight about who sit on a certain spot on the coach, or who gets to play with what toy, even which of them get to brush their teeth first. 

Blogging about everyday life with her three boys, Turner nails the fights that are the bane of every parent's life. 

It's about a chair. Of course. 

For Turner, it's just an average school morning. One child arrives downstairs for breakfast and sits at his preferred spot at the table. 

"[T]he current fight every morning is over who gets to sit at THIS end of the table, where there isn’t normally a chair."

Second child turns up for breakfast, he wants to sit in the same spot- cue the fighting. 

"The child who gets downstairs first hastily moves his chair to this prime spot and then waits for his brother to come down and kick off" 

Turner tries to keep the peace by saying that no one is to move the chair from then on, but it doesn't exactly go to plan:

"Every day, we say, ‘This is ridiculous! NOBODY IS TO MOVE THEIR CHAIR FROM NOW ON!’

"But then to keep the immediate peace we squeeze them both into the same end of the table where the chairs won’t fully tuck under and cereal ends up on laps.

"Then we wonder where we we went wrong." 

We completely get it. So do other parents, who have saved the equally frustrating fights the siblings initiate in their houses.  

*Sigh* and we hoped that raising two or more would be a large musical number in the style of The Sound of Music

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