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'We love cows': hilarious mum shares feelings about going dairy-free

"Can we talk about cows for a second?" "How much we love them and appreciate them?" 

Esther Anderson, the woman behind the popular Facebook page 'Story of This Life,' was told that she can't have dairy while breastfeeding her newborn daughter- as she has a dairy allergy. 

Needless to say, it was a shock to the system and it prompted her to post a Facebook video, revealing her innermost thoughts about going dairy-free. 

"I'm grieving the loss of every delicious food in my life," she laments. 

The list of banned foods includes *sob* doughnuts, chocolate, cream and eggnog. We feel her pain. 

"Congratulations you can use almond milk. Okay, let's talk about almond milk. How are we making milk out of nuts?!" 

The list of things you can eat, however, doesn't sound nearly as appetising- "canned salmon or sardines" and dandelions… eh, okay. 

There is a silver lining- bacon is still allowed. And Anderson has a great coping mechanism to get her through this trying time: 

"I need some sort of therapy, or a counsellor to sit down with me and go through emotions and feelings.

"But I’m gonna go look at my cute little baby, because whenever I look at her — it’s worth it." 

According to Kelly Mom, symptoms of dairy allergy include fussiness after feedings, long periods of inconsolable crying, rashes, hives, eczema, wheezing or asthma, cold-like symptoms, and more.

Luckily, most infants grow out of dairy allergies, and you'll be able to stuff your face with Dairy Milk again. 

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