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We are BEYOND jealous of a five-year-old girl and you’ll never guess why...

There is a five-year-old girl in this world who has sold over 200 pieces of art that she completed by herself.

Can you even digest this information?

We are beyond jealous of the girl’s talent and totally astounded by said talent all at the same time.


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Cassie Gee has been painting since she was just three-years-old and now, just two years later, the youngster has sold over 200 works of art.

Based in Sydney, Cassie’s works are mainly canvas prints of swirls, which ties in with her business website ‘Cassie Swirls’.


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Selling her artwork on Etsy, the young girl has donated much of her income from the works to charity.

These prints are absolutely amazing it's almost hard to believe they have been created by a child so young. 


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We're in awe of this little girl – go Cassie!

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