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Watch: The most adorable Italian grandma's cooking up a storm

Fan of pasta?

Want to see the cutest Italian grandmothers doing what they do and making some mouth-watering pasta? 

Pasta Grannies, an Instagram account and YouTube page, shows off Italy's most skilled grandma's and you will love every minute of it. 

It's fascinating to see all the various ways that spaghetti, macaroni, raschiatelli, ravioli etc. can be cooked.

This was the brainchild of Vicky Bennison who releases a new video every week of a nanny whipping up traditional pasta dishes, plus loaves of bread and soups.

Vicky said, ''I noticed traditional, domestic pasta-making skills weren't being passed on because of all the social changes, which is now causing women to go out of work.'' 

So how does this whole thing work? 

Vicky explains that ''Italian nonnas are always revered but we never see them in media. I work with my granny finder – mostly Livia de Giovanni, but also other contributors – and the women are usually nominated by a family member, friend, food or festival organiser.''

She continued, ''women then choose whether or not to collaborate and be filmed. I go to different regions of Italy every four to six weeks and spend three or four days filming the women who have agreed to be interviewed.''

Some of the women featured are over 90 years old and they say that their fresh, organic home-cooked meals are the reason for their long lives. 

So if you want to learn some classic Italian cooking or just about these amazing women's way of life, then definitely have a watch. 

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