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Watch: Heartwarming moment man shares his phone with a little boy on subway

There are simple acts of kindness taking place every day.

One such event happened on a New York subway and it was captured on video for us all to see. 

A man using his phone was being watched by a little boy next to him.

The man realised this and decided to do this heartwarming thing. 

The man lent his phone to the young boy so he could play a game as they rode the subway together.

A fellow subway passenger, Kia Tatiyana Davis, who was sitting across from them, filmed the sweet moment and uploaded it to Facebook. 

She wrote, "what I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y'all," followed by a love heart emoji. 

Thhe vieo shows the man seeing teh little boy peeking over his shoulder, to which he gives him a smile before handing his phone over so the boy can play games.

The video got 1.5k comments, over 700 shares amd 17k likes.

Comments included, ''faith in humanity restored! Love this!'' and ''beautiful true meaning of kindness.'' 

It's the simplest acts of kindness that have the biggest impact at times isn't it? 

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