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Watch: Goats and otters make an unlikely but adorable friendship

It isn't your typical friendship.

However, a tiny pair of goats and two otters have befriended each other in a heartwarming video.

The unlikely matching came as Nigerian goat kid and mini Nubian goat kid, Ruth and Sonia star in their own YouTube series.

The kids regularly feature on the Oregon Zoo YouTube channel, as they travel around the zoo to meet other animals. 

This week, they stumbled upon BC and Tilly, rescued river otters that live in the zoo and have four pups together.

Upon meeting each other, the animals are immediately fascinated by one another.

The otters dive beside the glass to really get a good look at the new visitors.

They are seen twirling and even get involved in a game of chase.

Kid Ruth got her name after US supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It doesn't come as a surprise that the video has been a huge hit with the public, as it has racked up 5K shares and 1.8K reactions on social media.

If you want to keep up with their adventures, the zoo uploads new videos every Tuesday to their Facebook page

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