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Watch: Dad who sold his beloved car to pay wife's medical bills gets a huge surprise

It's been over a decade since Wesley Ryan sold his treasured car and he has been devastated about it ever since.

The white 1993 Ford Mustang, which Wesley fondly called “Christine”, was known around San Antonio then as Wesley's prized vehicle. 

So why did Wesley sell it?

His high-school sweetheart and wife, Laura Ryan, had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and Wesley decided to get money for the vehicle so he could help pay for her treatment. 

“[It’s] not his world, but it’s one of the pieces to his heart. You just can’t replace it with any other vehicle,” Wesley’s daughter Jeni Ryan said

“He’s not materialistic –  he just wants his family taken care of. And at the end of the day, this all started because my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my dad being the man that he is, he decided to sell his vehicle in a heartbeat.”

So sweet! 

His children wanted to thank their father for his years of kindness, so Jeni and her brother Jake tracked down the car and made the grand reveal to Wesley this week. 

They asked him to meet them in a carpark where they proceeded to blindfold their baffled dad. 

The siblings caught Wesley's emotional reaction and posted it on Facebook.

Jake captioned it, “I know how much it broke him in half seeing that car drive away from him. A day I’ll never forget.”

“Well… She’s back home pops and here to stay this time. Looking forward to building this car with you this time instead of being in a booster seat looking out the window.”

The video has gotten a massive response from people, with many writing about how much Wesley deserves the amazing gesture. 

One wrote, 'that brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful!'' while another said, ''well deserved old man. Good things happen to good people!''

Jeni explained that “he never expected anything back from us. Literally, words cannot explain that video because that video explains absolutely everything.”

Such a touching story, isn't it?

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