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Watch: Cat and owner reunite after California wildfire and it's emotional

There's not a much worse feeling than losing your beloved pet.

This is what Laci Ping and her husband Curtis Mullins experienced when their grey tabby cat, Mayson, went missing during the wildfires that were wreaking havoc on Northern California.

The pair had taken him with them when they evacuated, but Mayson managed to escape from his cat carrier and sprint away after an explosion scared him.

Laci and Curtis were obviously devastated and believed that they had lost their cat for good.

That is, until they acme across a Facebook post from UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital showing rescued pets whose owners were missing.

They were in luck, as firefighters had rescued him and, along with 22 other cats, delivered him to the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

Now a heartwarming video has been released, showing the moment that Laci saw the cat she thought she'd lost forever. 

In the footage, she can be heard saying, “It’s OK, I got you,” as she cradles Mayson, whose burnt feet were covered in bandages. 

It is such an emotional video – you will shed a tear or two watching it. 

Mayson will have to stay at the hospital for another week to recover but social media's reaction to the video was amazing. 

One said, ''Animal rescuers are HEROES.''

While another wrote, ''I am seriously crying for them so happy you could help them.''

We are teary-eyed watching it too – we're so happy for Laci and Curtis. 

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