Two sisters give birth just 20 minutes apart in the same hospital

Sisters Tanya Beattie and Kelly Pemberton both gave birth within just minutes of each other, just three rooms away from each other. 

Kelly and husband Paul, 40, from Sunderland, were delighted to welcome their third child Anais Pemberton, weighing 5lb 2 oz into the family on Thursday, at 3.30pm. 

A mere 20 minutes later, at 3.50pm, Kelly's sister Tanya welcomed her eighth child, son Buddy Beattie, weighing a healthy 5lb 150 oz.  

Kelly told Mail Online that giving birth on the same day as her sister was an unforgettable experience. 

"It was a case of the midwives trying to guess which one of us was going to have it first! And my mum, Sharon Beattie, kept phoning to see if Tanya had had her baby.

"They couldn't believe it at the hospital as it is so rare. A midwife who had been there for over 10 years said she had never known it happen.

"I still can't believe they were born on the same day – it is unbelievable. It's something to tell them when they've grown up!" 

Joint birthday parties anyone?

The adorable cousins were even delivered by the same doctor.

"The two of us were just in shock," Tanya recalled.  "It is so rare. I asked the doctor during my labour if they could tell me whether my sister had had her baby and she said yes she had and that is when she delivered mine, 20 minutes later."

Kelly had been due on the 5th of May and Tanya the end of March, both babies were premature but healthy. 

Following the birth, Kelly spent a few days in hospital as Anais had developed a slight infection. She has since recovered and is doing well.

Both families are "over the moon" with the new arrivals. 

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