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Study: Turning the central heating on before bedtime is bad for you

We’ve been dreaming about jumping into our warm, cozy bed all morning. There’s nothing better than curling up in your toasty duvet after a long day at work.

We pop the heating on, make a cuppa and scroll through Netflix before dozing off, but it turns out we’ve been making quite a rookie mistake before hitting the hay in the winter.

According to experts, sleeping with the heating on is actually really bad for you as it disrupts your sleep.

So, if you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep this month then your central heating may be to blame.

How does the heating impact our sleep? Well, our bodies can’t deal with the fluctuations in temperature all too well, especially in the night time.

The Sun reported, “Often we are told the bedroom should be 16C to 18C but for some people that is too cold, so it is better to focus instead on simply making the bedroom feel cooler than the rest of the house.”

"The more important temperature for sleep is the one between the mattress and the duvet, which should be between 27C and 29C.”

Experts believe the best thing to do is to let your bedroom cool down before going to bed.

We’ll certainly be trying this before we doze off this evening!

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