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True love: Couple who divorced 40 years ago remarry after decades apart

If anyone is a skeptic about true love then look no further than this story.

Charlie and Audrey Hailes became man and wife in front of their six children at The Manor Gatehouse in Dartford. 

But that wasn't where their love story started.

The newlyweds are 88 and 83-years-old respectively and have been married before – albeit four decades previously. 


The pair first met at a dance hall in Peckham in 1955, before getting married and starting a family.

Sadly they decided to divorce in 1978, with their younger children being split between the parents, and the older ones moving into their own houses.

Their son Ian says that the divorce was a result of a mistake on Charlie's part. 

He said, ''mum was quite unforgiving at the time and the family broke up.''

While neither of them seemed happy after they parted ways, it wasn't until Audrey's second husband died that their children stepped in. 

Ian said, ''we said to Dad, ‘you’re not happy so why not live with Mum. And that’s when it happened. They have seen sense.''

Ian, who was his Dad's best man said that the day was magical and that the ''venue has some fantastic rose gardens that looked great in the autumn sun and they provided a great backdrop for some memorable photos.''

What a wonderful story – proving that true love conquers all, even after 40 years. 

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