Tropical tastes: Try out this stunning summer cocktail this weekend

The weather we've been having recently has been absolutely lovely and to kick summer off with a bang, we fancy making some tasty cocktails this weekend.

To celebrate the sunshine we’ve decided to share one of our favourite truly tropical cocktails; The Coconut Pineapple Mojito! Fruity, sweet and too drinkable, it will transport you from your sunny patio to an island beach with white sands, blue sea and palm trees. Super simple and a real crowd pleaser, this is definitely one to serve up at the barbecue this weekend!

Sliced Pineapple

You’ll need…

3 lime slices

20ml simple syrup

40ml coconut rum (Malibu)

30ml pineapple juice

3-4 ice cubes

6 mint leaves


Pineapple slices

Slice limes and place them in a cocktail shaker.

Pour simple syrup over them and use a muddler to crush them together, releasing the lime juices to mingle with the sweet syrup.

Pour in your shot of Malibu rum for a tropical twist and follow with your dash of pineapple juice for a little sweet aftertaste.

Toss in 3-4 ice cubes and cap the cocktail shaker, shaking for 20 second to truly mingle all the flavours.

Place more ice into a cold glass and strain the cocktail mix into it.

Pluck 4-6 mint leaves to use for garnish and run the pineapple slice around the rim before pushing it onto the glasses rim. Top off with soda water and enjoy!

green ceramic teacup with lemon

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