Tot's play kitchen is incredibly special and you can easily have one too

Filipino mum, Rodessa Villanueva Reyes, has become the ultimate DIY mum following her now famous kids play kitchen. 

When the mum's one-year-old daughter seemed to be enjoying kitchen tasks, Mum got to work to create the unique play set. 

But what you'd never believe – is that the kitchen has been made entirely from old cardboard! 

In a feature on For Urban Women, Rodessa reveals how she went about creating the adorable and most importantly, affordable play set. 

Along with her husband, Rodessa began the project by setting up the cardboard boxes to form the main shape for the kitchen before marking out the doors and oven. 

When complete, Rodessa cut sheets of vinyl to cover the exterior of the boxes, before adding a cute 'Audrey's Cafe and Restaurant' logo. 

Complete with a banner, the tot is in love with her adorable new kitchen, and it is completely safe and unharmful too. 

Another amazing feature is the affordability, considering our kids grow out of toys so quickly, it can be tough to fork out an extortionate amount on the best of high end play sets. 

And it's totally chic and cute – we're in love! 

We're so inspired we're thinking of creating one ourselves – anyone have some spare boxes?

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