Top Tips for Planning Your First Family Road Trip

Your kids might just be out of their babyhood, or they might be teenagers. Regardless of what stage your family is at when you feel it’s time for a road trip, there are a few essential tips you will want to keep in mind. Kids should always be a part of the planning process, for example, to help them get on board and feel like their opinions matter. It’s the same as if you were going on a road trip with friends. You can choose the type of trip but give everyone the chance to choose just one thing that they want to do to make it fair and give everyone a chance at their dream trip.

Planned wrong or improperly a road trip can be a nightmare for a family. If everyone is uncomfortable, cramped, and unhappy, arguments are just bound to happen. That is why you need to follow this guide, so your trip can be smooth and enjoyable:

Types of Road Trips to Choose

First things first, you need to choose the type of road trip you will be going on. You have to main options:

Drive and Sleep

In this option, you could very well use your own car. Pack up camping equipment or book hotels and B&Bs along the way. It does restrict you from where you can go, yes, and it also requires more planning to ensure you have somewhere comfortable to sleep at night.

RV or Campervan

If you want to be completely independent and have a home away from home, then the best way is with a large or standard-sized RV. By checking the RV rental cost ahead of time, you can easily budget it in and work out an estimation for the value of fuel, making it easy to budget for your road trip while enjoying the ultimate summer holiday experience.

Get Your Kids on Board with Planning

Kids always think they are older than they are. They push to be accepted as adults and to grow up fast despite that being the worst decision ever. That being said, it is essential to let them test out their independence and a great way to do that on a road trip where you are physically confining them, and driving them around is to allow them in on the planning process.

Choose the Destinations

Explain the area you are willing to drive through and to and let them research the area and choose things to do themselves. You might need to go through this process with them, and that’s fine. Just let them choose one or two destinations (if they are close by and not out of the way) so that they have their own thing to look forward to.

Have Five Fun Facts About Each Destination

To make the trip educational, you should get your kids to learn a bit about either their chosen destination or places along your journey. It will help them learn, improve their researching capabilities, and have a better appreciation of the world around them.

Reduce What You Bring

It is going to be cramped moving from a home into an RV no matter what you do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Pack travel-sized wardrobes opt for zero-waste food and toiletries and generally try to be realistic and pragmatic when packing your RV for the best trip.

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