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Top ten Christmas gifts for the whole family to enjoy

It’s nearly here. The most magical day of the year when the waiting’s over and we can rush down to see what Santa’s left for us under the tree.

Incidentally, if it comes to one of those tricky conversations about how he does get down the chimney and why Rudolf and the gang don’t slide off the roof, here’s one way to handle it.

Whatever your age, you’re never too old to get swept up in the excitement of Christmas – especially that giddy feeling of ripping off of the wrapping paper to discover what present is waiting inside.

So, to make sure everyone gets exactly what they’re hoping we’ve put together a list of ten must-have gifts for every member of the family.

For him

What do you buy for the man who has everything? Even more stuff. We’ve turned to John Lewis for the pick of the gifts that are going to make his Christmas.

First up is a capsule coffee maker from Krups. Perfect for making cups of great tasting espresso using the Nespresso system, it’s a neat and small unit that fits on any worktop.

There are automatic and programmable settings for cup size and strength, with the high-pressure pump promising delicious beverages every time.

It’s also fitted with a special anti-scaling system to make cleaning easy and there’s even an auto-switch off setting to help save energy.

So if he ever needs motivation to get up and go in the morning, here it is in one neat and practical package.

Cycling is one of the fastest growing activities at the moment, whether it’s for getting to work in a greener way or just for leisure at the weekend.

One of the many appeals for gadget-lovers is the sheer amount of accessories that comes with cycling – not all expensive either.

This €16.50 (£15) cyclist’s multi tool proves it. Its neat acacia wood pen knife-style design includes a range of hex keys and screwdriver heads – all with a tough tungsten carbide coating.

The tool even comes in a neat presentation box that’s small enough to fit in a saddle bag and light enough not to hinder performance out on the road.

Music streaming means you can enjoy your favourite tracks anywhere with a wireless network. Of all the sound systems currently available, Sonos is one of the best. So who wouldn’t be delighted to find a Sonos 1 speaker in their stocking?

It may be compact, but the two amplifiers, mid-woofer and tweeter combine to create an immersive sound – enhanced by its curved design.

It’s controlled by an app that can be downloaded on all Android and Apple devices and links to streaming services like Spotify and iTunes.

For her

TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are? Have made genealogy more popular than ever and many more families are starting to look into where they came from.

One of the more recent developments in the field has been the introduction of self-DNA tests which can identify where your forebears came from. Step forward the world’s number 1 best selling DNA test from Ancestry DNA.

It costs just €54.20 (£49) and can reveal where the recipients’ ancestors may have hailed from, possibly unearthing some interesting stories along the way about their family history.

The festive season may be the perfect time for traditional food and drink. But, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give the give of molecular gastronomy made famous by chef Heston Blumenthal.

This fun €60.80 (£55) kit contains all the ingredients needed to create the gels, foams and powders that contain the very essence of flavours that combine to create sumptuous dishes. T

here are also practical and easy-to-follow recipes to make luxurious taste sensations like Watermelon Caviar, Gin and Tonic Spheres, Chocolate Soil and Olive Oil Powder.

It may seem like an out-there suggestion, but bingo is traditionally a much-loved game among female players. Don’t worry – there doesn’t have to be any trips to dusty, old-fashioned bingo halls.

Online is where it’s at, so point them in the direction of these amazing bingo offers – they’re a gift in itself. Who knows, the special someone you’re buying for might even split their winnings with you.

For the kids

Of course, Christmas really is all about the children – and hopefully they’ll be looking forward to Santa making all their wishes come true. If you’re thinking about stocking fillers, then books make the perfect choice.

But, for bigger presents here are three different ideas, all waiting for you at Smyth’s Toys.

Our first brings together two of the biggest must-haves of the season, unicorns and slime. The Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise is a fun – yes, really – way to combine the two in one €54.20 (£49) package.

You feed the cute unicorn with the food it loves and it produces lots of colourful slime which can then be stored in the collectible poopsie keychain. It’s a cheeky gift choice that your kids will absolutely love this year.

For the non-unicorn and non-slime lovers there’s always the classic Stretch Armstrong. A childhood staple for many, the timeless character can be stretched up to four times his size and even knotted.

Using his super strength, he can pull himself back into shape instantly. It’s hours of fun for just €22.10 (£19.99) and might bring back some nostalgia for the grown-ups too.  

Last, but not least, everyone likes to get together for a board game or two over Christmas and Monopoly is a classic. But, for those who maybe aren’t so talented in the world of business and are looking to get ahead in the game, they’ve brought out a Cheater’s Edition.

It costs just £14.99 and lets you bend the rules a little. But make sure you don’t get caught because this edition won’t just send you to jail, it will put you in handcuffs too.

For the dog

Last but certainly not least, let’s not forget the family’s best friend at this time of year. Pets At Home have an amazing range of Christmas sweaters for dogs so they can feel part of the festivities too.

One of their best ones is for large dogs and features all kinds of Santa emoijs as part of its red, green and yellow design. It’s also great value at just €13.26 (£12).

Hopefully our list has offered a little inspiration for you to sprinkle some Christmas cheer on your family this festive season. Many of the gifts are also interchangeable and make the perfect gift for any loved one this year.

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