Too cute: This woman did the sweetest thing for a group of premature babies

What this kind stranger did for the poorly premature babies at Crumlin Children’s Hospital will bring a tear to your eye.

The lovely gesture is bound to lift the spirits of the parents of premature babies at the hospital. It has certainly melted our hearts.

The kind stranger sent in a bag of hand knitted hats to the CMRF Crumlin office for the premature babies in the hospital.

Speaking about the touching move, Fionna O’ Malley, Head of Communications at CMRF Crumlin said: “We are overwhelmed by this lovely gesture! The kindness of strangers is amazing.”

She added: “We have the most amazing supporters who do great fundraisers for us including abseils, mini-marathons, cake sales, fundraiser cycles or by arranging a crazy hair day or no uniform day in their schools.”

Helping the less fortunate can be as simple as donating money or by creating something special like the kind stranger did.

“There are so many ways that people give back and help us fund life-saving equipment, ground-breaking medical research and wraparound support services. Every so often, we see something like this and it really makes us smile in the office. We don't know anything about the person who sent in these hats, but we all want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts!"

The hand knitted hats are just two inches tall. A note that was sent in with the little bundle of hats reads: ‘Enclosed find hats for premie-babies that my mam knit. I hope you can make use of them, regards, Marie'

Fair play to Marie's mum. She really is a true legend.

If you want to help support the 150,000 children that walk through the doors of Crumlin hospital every year, please go to

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