Tom Hardy makes return to our screens for new CBeebies Bedtime Story

Tom Hardy will be returning to our screens tonight on CBeebies.

The award-winning actor became a fan-favourite Bedtime Stories reader, when he first appeared on the CBeebies programme in 2016, and now he is back for more storytelling. 

Today, Friday December 1, Tom will be reading a brand new story to families titled The Oak Tree, by Julia Donaldson and Victoria Sandøy, as part of National Tree Week 2023.

The epic story follows a tiny acorn’s thousand year journey, from seedling to mighty oak tree.

The tree witnesses a multitude of experiences from a Viking invasion to a modern-day teddy bears’ picnic. Viewers will get to see children playing different games around the tree, as well as the animals, birds and insects whose lives depend on it.

While reading The Oak Tree from his garden, Hardy will be joined by a very special guest- his French bulldog, Blue!

This story won’t be the only one read by Tom, as the tale is part of a brand new set of six stories.

You and your family can tune in to watch Tom Hardy’s new CBeebies Bedtime Stories on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer. There will also be clips available on the CBeebies TikTok page.

Tom first appeared on CBeebies on New Year’s Eve 2016 and returned to tell more stories in 2020. 

CBeebies Bedtime Stories is on each weekday at 6.50pm on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

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