Toddler leaves house in the middle of the night - and you'll never guess where she goes

The thoughts of our toddlers leaving the house alone at any time would send a shiver down any mum's spine, so imagine how you'd feel if they left at 11pm at night.

Well, that is exactly what this two-year-old did – all for a few sweets.

The little girl put on her coat, headed out of her apartment door, crossed a dark, busy road and went into the local petrol station. 

And the owner, Muhammad, could not believe what he was seeing when she walked up and down the aisles, and popped two pennies on the counter to pay for her sweets.

Realising that there were no parents coming in behind the little girl, Muhammad took the child to a safe area in the back of the store, and called the police. 

Thankfully, the little girl's parents were found, but they did get a good talking to by officers for allowing the child escape the apartment complex and cross a busy street in the pitch dark. 

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