Toddler does the sweetest thing when she meets her baby sister for the first time

Malia’s big sister was so excited to meet her for the first time when she and her mum came home from hospital.

However, neither her mum nor dad, expected Myla to have the reaction that she did.

The sweet encounter was so beautiful that we genuinely think our ovaries flipped…

When Myla heads towards the couch to meet her mum and new baby sister Malia, she is absolutely mystified.

Wanting to hold her sister, she sits on the couch with her arms out waiting for her mum to put Malia in her arms.

And when she does, Myla leans in to give Malia a gentle kiss on the forehead.

We can’t handle these videos anymore… needless to say our children do not have an ounce of mellowness in their bodies!

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