Three-year-old invites Reddit users to ask him anything, and it is AMAZING

Kids are probably the most honest people you’ll ever come across… Nothing is filtered. NOTHING.

They put parents in the most awkward positions at times, just not knowing how to stop themselves.

But that’s the best thing about our children too, right? Their ability to make us laugh with the innocent things they say.

So when one dad invited fellow Reddit users to ask his three-year-old son ANYTHING, it was bound to be hilarious.
Matthew Clark, from Texas, had seen an abundance of AMA threads (Ask Me Anything), and when regular people created AMAs, he thought it would be funny to hear what his three-year-old son, Caleb, would have to say.
So he set up the account: I'm 3. I know everything. AMA.  
Nonetheless, he had no idea it was going to take off as quick as it did, having to apologise to some users if their questions were unanswered.

Matthew would ask Caleb the questions, as long as they were appropriate, and upon Caleb’s answers, his dad would type them back, some of them making a pretty interesting read.

When Caleb parts his wisdom, it can get pretty deep…

And sometimes, it can be quite disturbing…

Or just plain cute…

And then there's the common sense answers…

We are in absolute stitches right now.

You can read the full transcript here.

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